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Detailed report available on NICE's proposals for value based assessment of health technologies

Value Based Assessment

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PruceConsulting is an exciting young consultancy which has built a reputation for its insight and the quality of its advice. We have particular expertise in national and international health policy/ regulation and in working with NICE. We will get behind the words to assess the real implications for you and your business.                                 

The latest NICE Board papers report on the outcomes of the recent value based assessment consultation. NICE's plans for value based assessment were widely seen as unworkable and even the Department of Health has changed its mind about scrapping the End of Life protocol. The report recommends that NICE should make no change to the current technology appraisal methodology in the short term - including retaining the End of Life treatments protocol.

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In March 2014, NICE issued a consultation on value based assessment of health technologies. NICE’s proposals for undertaking value based assessments of health technologies make some fundamental changes to NICE’s current methodology, while still retaining the core elements of their current health technology appraisals.

PruceConsulting have produced a detailed report on the NICE proposals outlining: -

  • What the proposed changes are
  • The new measures and the challenges with them
  • Advantages and disadvantages with the proposals
  • The unanswered questions
  • What you should do now
  • The report also contains case studies identifying some of the challenges

Extensively referenced, this report explains what you need to know about value based assessments and the potential impact.  It is a must for everyone involved in technology appraisals whether you are from the pharmaceutical industry; a patient group; a health economist; a clinician or a policy maker.

The Department of Health have issued the 2014 PPRS: Heads of Agreement.  The headlines will be about NHS spending remaining flat for two years followed by increases of less than 2% for the following three years.

However, what about Value Based Pricing?  
Value Based Pricing (VBP)seems to have gone from the core pricing mechanism to a slightly wider NICE appraisal taking into account wider societal benefits.  This is a very different beast from the original VBP heralded by Andrew Lansley.

Understanding NICE
A successful NICE appraisal can make or break a new product in the UK and will have implications for global sales.

We have been advising companies on the payer perspectives to new medicines for a number of years, specialising in predicting how NICE will react to evidence.  We aim to help companies understand the strengths and weaknesses of their data and to improve their chances of a successful NICE appraisal.

Counterfeit Medicines

The seizure of 1.2 million doses of counterfeit aspirin by French customs officers is a worrying sign that counterfeiters may be switching their tactics.

avid Pruce has been a leading campaigner against counterfeit medicines, particularly those sold over the internet.

Patient adherence
Between a third and a half of all medicines prescribed for long-term conditions are not taken as recommended making patient adherence an issue for healthcare professionals, policy makers and the pharmaceutical industry alike.  Solutions to poor adherence need to address the causes which are often multi-faceted.  We are working with a number of companies on ways of supporting patient adherence. 

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