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Detailed report available on NICE's proposals for value based assessment of health technologies

Value Based Assessment
David Pruce has been a leading campaigner against counterfeit medicines, particularly those sold over the internet.

The seizure of 1.2 million doses of counterfeit aspirin by French customs officers is a worrying sign that counterfeiters may be switching their tactics.

Counterfeit medicines pose are a real risk to public safety.  Counterfeit medicines are a worldwide problem.  The FDA estimates that 10% of the global medicines market is counterfeit and in parts of Africa and Asia this figure exceeds 50%.The annual criminal sales of counterfeit medicines are variously estimated at between $32 to $50 billion a year.  The internet provides a perfect vehicle for criminal gangs to sell counterfeit medicines and it is believed that over half the medicines purchased over the internet from sites that conceal their actual physical address are counterfeit.

BBC Breakfast interview with David Pruce

The Internet Pharmacy Logo was developed by David Pruce while working at the Royal Pharmaceutical Society.  It aimed to identify genuine UK pharmacies operating an online store and distinguish them from the many dangerous sites offering medicines online with little or no controls.  The BBC reported the launch of the initiative.

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