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Detailed report available on NICE's proposals for value based assessment of health technologies

Value Based Assessment
What we can offer

PruceConsulting has particular expertise in national and international health policy/regulation and in working with NICE. If you want to know about how national or international policy or regulation will affect your business, you need to speak to us first.  We have a reputation for going behind the words in policy documents or regulations to assess the real implications. Drawing on our experience and understanding of the pharmaceutical sector and our wide range of contacts with senior politicians, civil servants and policy makers both national and internationally, we are able to bring insight which other consultancies find hard to match.

We bring the same level of expertise and skill to bear when we chair or facilitate meetings - whether a public conference or an internal strategy meeting.  You can be confident of the quality of our work and the confidential nature of the service we provide.

  • Analysis and advice about how national government health and medicines policy will affect your business
  • Expert analysis of the impact of NICE on new medicines launches and how to approach a NICE appraisal
  • Unpicking the regulatory frameworks across Europe to ease market access of innovative products into pharmacy
  • Writing articles and policy papers on behalf of clients on topics to do with medicines and pharmacy
  • Chairing or facilitating meetings both public conferences and high level internal strategy meetings
  • Delivering lectures, conference addresses, etc. on medicines, pharmacy and health policy/regulation
What makes us different?

At PruceConsulting, we want to understand what our customers really want and to deliver the solution to your problems. We will spend time with you refining our proposal so it meets your needs, rather than trying to sell you an "off the shelf" solution. 

We know the value of good research and of getting behind the headlines. We spend time getting to know the movers and shakers so that our advice is reflecting where policy is going, rather than simply what has been published. Unlike many consultancies, you will always have access to the real experts - we do not use juniors to do our research, analysis or drafting. 

That is why we believe that PruceConsulting is the Pharmaceutical consultancy
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