Understanding NICE


Detailed report available on NICE's proposals for value based assessment of health technologies

Value Based Assessment
A successful NICE appraisal can make or break a new product in the UK and will have implications for global sales.

We have been advising companies on the payer perspectives to new medicines for a number of years, specialising in predicting how NICE will react to evidence.  The NICE appraisal methodology is well documented but there are still secrets for success that many companies have not learnt.  We aim to help companies understand the strengths and weaknesses of their data and to improve their chances of a successful NICE appraisal.  Our understanding of both NICE and the NHS allow us to reach an accurate and unbiased assessment of a new product which mirror the conclusions that NICE come to. We deliver our assessment with tact and diplomacy but without pulling any punches.  We believe that by acting as a "critical friend", we can help companies to maximise the potential of their products and ease the process of attaining a positive NICE appraisal.

The Director of PruceConsulting, David Pruce, worked with NICE from its formation in 1999.  He chaired the National Collaborating Centre for Primary Care which was commissioned by NICE to produce clinical guidelines and sat on a range of NICE committees.  

# Coming soon - White Papers on the secrets of a successful NICE appraisal and the changes that Value Based Pricing will bring to the process #

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