Value Based Assessment


Detailed report available on NICE's proposals for value based assessment of health technologies

Value Based Assessment

Value Based Assessment

In March 2014, NICE issued a consultation on value based assessment of health technologies. NICE’s proposals for undertaking value based assessments of health technologies make some fundamental changes to NICE’s current methodology, while still retaining the core elements of their current health technology appraisals.  It would allow QALY weightings of up to 2.5 times to take into account the additional criteria of burden of illness and wider societal impact.  At the same time, they intend to remove the end of life criteria.

The NICE consultation raised more questions than it answers.  It is, however, an opportunity to develop the NICE methodology so that it better takes account of the severity of a disease, as well as the effect that conditions have on patients’ capacity to engage in society.

PruceConsulting have produced a detailed report on the NICE proposals outlining: -

  • What the proposed changes are
  • The new measures and the challenges with them
  • Advantages and disadvantages with the proposals
  • The unanswered questions
  • What you should do now
  • The report also contains case studies identifying some of the challenges

Extensively referenced, this report explains what you need to know about value based assessments and the potential impact.  It is a must for everyone involved in technology appraisals whether you are from the pharmaceutical industry; a patient group; a health economist; a clinician or a policy maker.  

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